Every Friday evening, we open the banquet room doors and serve guests some of our signature dishes. Just a little something to end your week on a high note!

To make a reservation,

call (972) 292-3094 or email us your name, phone number, party size, and time of arrival 

Bar & Grill Overview

We golfers know: golf is as much about enriching your senses as it is about getting a ball into a hole. You see the greens of the course (keep your eye on the ball though). You smell the pine trees lining the fairway. You hear the crack of your driver crushing the ball. And you feel every muscle in your body as you carefully set your putter for the birdie (or for Par 3...hey, we don't judge!).

But if there's one sense that's neglected on the course, it's taste. And it's a darn shame, too, because golf can really take a lot out of ya.


That's where our grill and bar comes in. Be it to snag a snack before rocking the back nine, sit back - beer in hand - as you enjoy the game on TV, or enjoy a nice meal with a glass of your favorite wine on the patio, you're welcome here (even if you don't play golf)! At FLGC Bar & Grill, our mission is pretty simple: to make your time at Frisco Lakes Golf Club an enjoyable one for all your senses.


Monday - Friday

10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday